Eisenberg Classique Firming Mask with Anti-Aging Effect

  • Eisenberg Classique Firming Mask with Anti-Aging Effect

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    Description of the product Eisenberg Classique



    Cosmetic quality



    According to skin problems

    brightening and vitality, firming and lifting, hydration, prevention and first wrinkles, regeneration and replumping, skin nutrition, wrinkles and lines


    First Wrinkles, For All Ages, Mature Complexion, wrinkles

    Complexion type

    All Skin Types, tired

    The Eisenberg Classique firming mask has an intense stretching, strengthening and filling effect that lasts all day.


    • acts against skin weakening, wrinkles and pigment stains
    • firms the skin
    • suppresses the greyish and tired appearance of skin
    • brightens the complexion


    • Trio-Moléculaire® Formula – regenerates, energizes and oxygenates the skin
    • green tea extract – has an anti-ageing effect, acts against free radicals
    • grape wine oil – nourishes your skin and keeps it hydrated

    How to apply:

    Apply a thin layer to a cleansed face, eye contours and neck. Allow to take effect for 5 minutes. Use for 8 to 15 days for intensive skin care.
    For relaxation purposes, apply twice a week and leave it for 15 minutes.
    Rinse off with water or toner, and gently wipe dry.

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    Eisenberg Classique reviews & ratings

    • 24 April 2018

      Cant get enough of the feeling I have after I apply this mask, its such a great feeling of firm complexion, like its completly new :)

    • 03 April 2018

      I have used masks for many years but Eisenberg Firming Mask is the best! I saw a difference after the first use and after on 3 uses I had friend ask me if I was doing something different and that my skin looked so healthy and it glowed. True story! Very recomennded.

    • 02 April 2018

      The best mask I ever tried, it definitely suppresses the greyish tone of skin, the skin looks relaxed and feels definitely more firmed. I really love products by Eisenberg!

    • 28 March 2018

      From time to time I want to buy something really great. This Eisenberg mask is the best mask I´ve ever bought. Totally recommend.

    • 22 March 2018

      This mask is really incredible! I was skeptical, I did not want to spent so much money, but the effect of ths mask is amazing! My skin is so soft, firmed and my wrinkles are less visible! It is a magic!

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