Elancyl Slim Design Intensive Night Slimming Care

Elancyl Slim Design Intensive Night Slimming Care
Elancyl Slim Design Intensive Night Slimming Care
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Description Elancyl Slim Design

While you sleep, the Elancyl Slim Design intensive slimming night cream does the maximum for your skin’s beauty. The active ingredients help reduce cellulite, firm and smooth your skin and leave it silky soft. Apply each night before going to bed, and you’ll wake up to see that your skin has improved and feels wonderful.


  • helps reduce existing cellulite and prevents more cellulite from arising

  • visibly firms and smooths the skin

  • makes your skin feel soft to the touch

  • restores the skin’s elasticity
    easy to apply

Test results:
clinically tested by 56 women between the ages of 18 and 49.

  • after seven days the cellulite was less visible

  • after seven days the skin was visibly firmer

  • after ten days the skin was softer


  • [Caffeine Complex]3D – fights against orange-peel skin

  • GP4G – a molecule that supports the anti-cellulite effect as you sleep

  • ivy extract – improves the skin’s elasticity and firmness, helps expel toxins

  • extract of salacia root – makes the skin firmer

  • cecropia – releases fat cells

How to use:
apply the product to any problematic parts of the body. Massage into the skin using circular movements and allow it to become absorbed. Use regularly.



Skin type
all skin types

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