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essence THICK & WOW brow mascara
essence THICK & WOW brow mascara
Does not contain any ingredients of animal origin.
The ingredients are free of alcohol.
Colourlight brown
Does not containacetone-free, alcohol-free

Do you want your brows to immediately look fuller and keep this look for a long time? Essence THICK & WOW brow mascara will do the trick. Its colour texture with fibres will give your brows immediate volume and individual hairs will seem thicker and fuller. It will also fix the brows so that every hair stays in place. The integrated applicator makes it easy to apply and to style your eyebrows.


  • gives your eyebrows immediate volume, leaves hairs visibly thicker and fuller
  • fixes the eyebrows to keep every hair in place for a long time
  • has a colour texture enriched with volume fibres
  • easy to apply thanks to an integrated applicator brush
  • can also be used to style, brush and shape the eyebrows
  • a practical small format that fits in every purse


  • volume fibres – provide fulness, ensure that individual hairs immediately look fuller and thicker
  • vegan product
  • oil-free

How to apply:
Apply Essence THICK & WOW brow mascara by using the integrated applicator to brush the brows upward and in the direction of growth of individual hairs. It can also be used for brow shaping. You can apply multiple coats for a more intense look.

essenceTHICK & WOW brow mascara

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