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essie gel setter top coat
essie gel setter top coat
Type of Nail Varnishtop coat

Top coat Essie Gel Setter is an expert in gel-like effect, with which you will discover the art of perfect manicure even in the comfort of your home. Adds a high shine to the color and enhances the vibrant color. It seals the color on the nails, making them more durable and last longer. If you long/desire for a beautiful gel effect, the Essie Gel Setter top coat is just for you!


  • high shine and gel effect
  • better color resistance
  • special formula to seal the nail color

How to use:
Apply one coat of Essie Gel Setter top coat after you took care of your nails with any of Essie base coats and applied 2 coats of Essie colour.

essiegel setter top coat

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Wednesday 24/04/2024
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