Eucerin pH5

Hand Cream

Eucerin pH5 Hand Cream
Eucerin pH5 Hand Cream
Eucerin pH5 Hand Cream
75 ml

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Monday, 7/23/2018

Product description Eucerin pH5


Eucerin pH5 Hand Cream effectively protects stressed skin on hands all day long. It keeps the skin firm, flexible and velvet-like smooth. It has an anti-inflammatory effect and supports natural healing processes. It also enhances the protective acidic layer of the skin. The best protection of the skin against damaging environmental influences, stress or diseases are the skin's own defence mechanisms. Eucerin pH5 cosmetic line stimulates these natural mechanisms thanks to the unique EnzymSchutz formula – enzyme protection which activates enzymes in the upper skin layers, reinforcing the skin's natural barrier function. The cream ensures an optimum moisture level and supports the production of colagen and elastin fibres, thereby keeping the skin flexible and healthy. Dermatological and clinical tests proved excellent tolerability on sensitive skin. The product is colourant-free, paraben-free and fragrance-free. It is hypoallergenic. It wasn't tested on animals.

Eucerin pH5 Hand Cream has a pleasant texture which spreads easily and absorbs quickly. It will rid your skin of the tight and itchy feeling. The skin will be hydrated and fresh all day long.


• hydrates the skin

• maintains the protective acidic layer of the skin

• has an anti-inflammatory effect

• helps the skin regain its flexibility and smoothness

• removes the feeling of tight and dry skin

• activates the skin's own defence mechanisms


• Citrate buffer – maintains a stable pH level

• Dexpanthenol – supports the skin's elasticity

• Glycerin – intensively hydrates the skin

Skin type:

The cream is recommended for sensitive and dry skin.

How to use:

Apply on hands as often as needed. Avoid eye contact.



Skin type

About the brand Eucerin

Eucerin cosmetics | Eucerin – innovations and a medical approach to skin care. Eucerin, the German dermo-cosmetic care brand, is one of the oldest and most often recommended by professional dermatologists. It is part of the Beiersdorf international group, which also owns brands such as Nivea and Labello.
Eucerin began in 1900, when the German chemist and inventor Isaac Lifschütz made a breakthrough discovery in pharmacy. He developed Eucerit, a revolutionary emulsifier which he began using as the base for ointments because it allowed the active substance, fat, and water to be combined.
Beiersdorf was founded in 1882 by Paul C. Beiersdorf. A couple of years later he sold it to the chemist Oskar Troplowitz who, in collaboration with the renowned dermatologist Paul Gerson Unno, began making cosmetic products based on the latest research into skin. Eucerin respects this link to this day, with every product scientifically supported, created on the basis of extensive research, and also tested in terms of skin tolerance and effectiveness.
Eucerin skin and body care products help maintain and restore the proper functioning of the skin, making it healthy and beautiful. Hair and scalp products are specially developed to alleviate micro-inflammation, the cause of the majority of scalp and hair issues, and last but not least, Eucerin also makes sun-care products with highly effective UVA/UVB filters and after-sun products.
Eucerin is a global leading brand for professional-quality skin care products that are highly effective and targeted at a wide range of different skin needs. Eucerin – over 100 years of innovative medical skin care.