Flagranti Massage Candle Coconut massage candle

Flagranti Massage Candle Coconut massage candle
Flagranti Massage Candle Coconut massage candle
70 ml

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Description Flagranti Massage Candle Coconut

Get ready for a proper dose of romance, exciting intimate atmosphere and relaxation. The Flagranti Massage Candle Coconut is an ideal product for a lovely foreplay. It opens up your mind, lets your everyday worries melt away and contains pheromones to activate the cells responsible for erotic attraction. This candle will charm you with its sweet coconut aroma and its exotic scent will turn your bedroom into the perfect space for your passionate adventures.

The candle contains top-quality ingredients which melt in a few minutes into a lovely warm emulsion you can use on your partners body and massage into their skin. The unique formula of the candle is perfectly moisturising and nourishing, regenerates your skin and leaves it beautifully smooth to the touch. Treat your beloved partner to a massage they’re not going to forget.


  • premium massage candle with exotic coconut aroma
  • creates a romantic and intimate atmosphere
  • popular form of an interesting foreplay and relaxing massage
  • contains pheromones which activate the cells responsible for erotic attraction
  • hydrates, nourishes and regenerates skin
  • doesn’t burn skin or cause pain
  • in a luxury glass container with an ideal diameter and a cork stopper
  • strong cotton wick evenly melts the emulsion
  • candle doesn’t only burn in the middle
  • candle lasts for 4–8 intense procedures


  • coconut oil – softens skin, provides vitamins and minerals
  • beeswax – prevents dryness, helps regenerate your skin
  • shea butter – hydrates, regenerates and nourishes skin
  • almond oil – makes skin softer and smoother, contains vitamins A, E, F
  • hops extract – hydrates, cleans and softens skin

How to use:
Light the massage candle and let it burn for a few minutes until the substance partially melts, then sniff out the candle and wait approximately 30 seconds to apply the melted emulsion on the skin and massage it in. While you’re performing the massage, you can let the candle burn again so you have more product to work with. After the massage, wipe excess emulsion off with a paper tissue.


Character of home fragrance
sweet, gourmand
Type of Wick
Number of Wicks
Type of Wax

About the brand Flagranti

Invite more passion into your life. The young Czech brand Flagranti offers premium massage candles which open up your mind and let your everyday worries melt away.

Flagranti massage candles are made in Czech Republic from the best ingredients and are extremely safe – no need to worry about any risk of pain or burns. The unique formula of these massage candles is perfectly hydrating and nourishing, regenerates the skin, and its sensual aroma creates an intimate atmosphere.

Treat your partner to an unforgettable romantic massage and enhance the experience of your shared intimate moments.

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