Foundation for Combination Skin

Combination skin can be quite tricky – but a good foundation for combination skin will make things easier.

Find a foundation that mattifies your T-zone and hides imperfections without drying your skin out!

How Can You Tell You Have Combination Skin?

  • Your cheeks are dry while your T-zone is oily.
  • You might have pimples and blackheads around your nose.
  • Your cheeks are prone to redness and flaky skin.

Best Foundation for Combination Skin

Use a liquid, mousse, or compact foundation for combination skin to enjoy amazing coverage, smooth finish and most importantly easy application. Even better if you find a hydrating liquid foundation with a mattifying effect to keep your oily T-zone in check.

What Can the Right Foundation for Combination Skin Do for You?

  • Unify and brighten your complexion
  • Give you a lasting result
  • Moisturise dry areas
  • Mattify oily areas

Don’t forget to clean your skin thoroughly and use a moisturiser for combination skin and a little bit of foundation primer to make your coverage last longer. Trust quality by brands like NYX, Shiseido, or Clinique, and enjoy a velvety finish that lasts for hours!