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Treat yourself to smooth and radiant flawless complexion!

A liquid foundation is easy to use, blends into your skin perfectly and creates a natural finish.

Which Skin Types Will Benefit from Liquid Foundation?

Liquid foundation can be the right choice for various skin types – it doesn’t matter whether your skin is dry or oily. Dry skin will benefit from a hydrating foundation while oily skin type needs an oil-free product. The light texture will give you a natural coverage and leave your skin ready for a day at work or a lovely date!

Benefits of Liquid Foundation

  • Gives a fresh appearance
  • Hydrates skin
  • Does not clog pores
  • Great for beginners thanks to easy application

How to Use Liquid Foundation?

You can apply liquid foundation with a brush, makeup sponge, or your fingertips. Brush makes the whole job a lot quicker, however a sponge is ideal for layering if you want more coverage while still keeping your skin looking natural. The good thing about using your fingers is that the foundation warms up and blends into your skin. Be sure to avoid simply spreading the foundation and work it in properly.

Perfect Your Look

A perfect foundation will give you confidence and charisma. To enjoy this feeling all day long, don’t forget to use a foundation primer and a powder to mattify your T-zone and create a beautiful finish.