Foundation for Oily Skin

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Enjoy a velvety matte finish without a single flaw! Choose a long-lasting mattifying foundation for oily skin that will let your skin breathe.

How to Tell if Your Skin Is Oily?

Before you buy a foundation for oily skin, make sure you’ve determined your skin type correctly. Oily skin needs quality makeup and skin care products. You can tell your skin is probably oily, if:

  • your face often looks shiny
  • you get acne and blackheads
  • your pores are enlarged

Best Foundation for Oily Skin

It stands to reason that foundations labelled as “mattifying” are the best choice for you. But what about their consistency? You won’t go wrong with a light mousse or compact foundation which blend into your skin perfectly. Try a foundation with a lightweight texture that won’t clog your pores and lets your skin breathe. If you suffer from acne, find a product with high coverage.

Don’t Underestimate Skin Care and the Right Application

Before you start applying your foundation, clean your skin thoroughly and use a small amount of moisturiser and makeup primer. If you’re using a makeup brush or a makeup sponge, don’t forget to wash them regularly. After you’re done with your foundation, set it with powder to make the matte finish last longer.

Try popular foundations for oily skin by brands such as Clinique, Lancôme, or Vichy, and show your skin in the best light.