Foundation for Sensitive Skin

Taking care of sensitive skin can be tricky, but it’s way easier with the right products!

Find the right quality foundation for sensitive skin that will even out your skin tone and feel gentle on your skin. It’s all about picking wisely!

How Can You Tell Your Skin Is Sensitive?

Sensitive skin is often prone to redness, itching, feelings of tightness, or pimples. The worst times are usually autumn and winter, because this skin type is sensitive to changes in weather.

Best Foundation for Sensitive Skin

The best choices for sensitive skin are usually light liquid or mousse foundations. Forget anything that’s too thick and won’t let your skin breathe. The ideal foundation should also contain no fragrance or other ingredients that could irritate your skin. Try going with a mineral foundation or a calming hypoallergenic foundation by trusted pharmacy skin care brands.

Makeup for Sensitive Skin: Step by Step

  • Start by cleaning your skin thoroughly and using a moisturiser for sensitive skin type.
  • Use a foundation primer to make your base more even and long-lasting.
  • Gently work the foundation into your skin using a brush, a makeup sponge, or your fingers.
  • Set the foundation with powder and enjoy perfect coverage with a lightweight feel all day long!