Gillette Venus Smooth Razor + Replacement Heads

Gillette Venus Smooth Razor + Replacement Heads
Gillette Venus Smooth Razor + Replacement Heads
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Description Gillette Venus Smooth

Enjoy a thorough shave which removes all unwanted hair in one stroke. The Gillette Venus Smooth razor with replacement blades is an effective shaving system for everyday use. Its round head has three blades surrounded by protective pads which tighten your skin with every stroke so your hair can be removed at the root.

On contact with water, the moisturising strips ensure a perfectly smooth shave. The ergonomic handle with an anti-slip surface fits perfectly into your palm and the movable design helps the razor adapt to every curve of your body.


  • 3 blades for an especially thorough shave
  • moisturising strips with aloe extract help the razor glide across your skin
  • moving razor head shaves even areas that are hard to access
  • strip indicator lets you know when the razor head needs to be replaced
  • rubber handle with anti-slip design for a safe shave even in the shower
  • spare heads are easy to replace

How to use:
Get your skin wet and shave the hair in long, gentle strokes, going against the direction of the growth. Once the indicator strip fades, a perfect shave is no longer guaranteed and you need to replace the razor head.

About the brand Gillette

Gillette Cosmetics | Gillette specialises in shaving products and high-quality razors. The company was founded in 1985 by the American businessman King Camp Gillette who set out to design the perfect razor.
Despite the company’s slogan “The best a man can get”, Gillette now also makes shaving products for women. Different lines of Gillette products are suited for different purposes. While the Mach3 system allows for the perfect close shave in one stroke, the Fusion system is able to reach even the less accessible places and the Gillette Venus line is designed for sensitive female skin.

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