Guerlain MétéoritesCompact Powder with Brightening Effect

Guerlain Météorites Compact Powder with Brightening Effect
Guerlain Météorites Compact Powder with Brightening Effect
Shade 04 Doré 10 g

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Product description Guerlain Météorites

The Guerlain Météorites Météorites powder sets your foundation perfectly and gives your skin a velvety feel.


  • brightens
  • ensures a fresh look
  • gives the illusion of perfect skin
  • completely transparent texture


  • mirror included

How to use:
Set your makeup using a sponge or brush.



About the brand Guerlain

The French perfume house of Guerlain has been a symbol of beauty and creativity for nearly two centuries and is one of the oldest and most renowned ones in the world. Ever since its foundation in 1828, the brand has been producing exclusively in France and its story is tied to two specific places: While Guerlain makeup and beauty is produced in the historic city of Chartres, Guerlain fragrance comes from the village of Orphin. Both of these places have a long tradition of artistry and meticulous craft.

It all started with Pierre-François P. Guerlain, a chemist and innovator who created the brand and invested all his talent into it. Soon, he attracted the attention of high aristocracy and by the mid 19th century, his name was famous in the world of fashion. Guerlain fragrances became iconic and retained their status for almost 200 years. Over time, they were also joined by Guerlain beauty - for instance the Guerlain Météorites powder pearls that will surely be the cherished centerpiece of your makeup collection.

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