Guerlain Mitsouko Eau de Parfum for Women Sample

  • Guerlain Mitsouko Eau de Parfum for Women  Sample

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    Description of the perfume Guerlain Mitsouko


    Perfume bottle



    Overall impression


    Top notes

    Citrus Fruit, Jasmine, Rose, Bergamot

    Middle notes

    Rose, Jasmine, Ylang - Ylang, Lilac, Peach

    Base notes

    Vetiver, Cinnamon, Spices, Moss, Amber

    Guerlain Mitsouko is a well-balanced classic perfume for women introduced already in 1919! It belongs among soft, dry, and warmish fragrances so you can wear it mainly in colder weather, ideally in early spring and late fall. Mitsouko has been proven by millions of women all over the world, it's been passed on from a generation to generation, and even today's generation enjoys it very much.

    Guerlain Mitsouko doesn't attract everybody's attention. Those who enjoy crystalline aromas with just a drop of flowers and fruits or - on the contrary - very rich and massive tones of the Orient will not like it. However, those who like elegant classic scents suitable for any occasion will be very satisfied.

    Almost a hundred years old, this perfume by luxury Guerlain brand comes in an interestingly designed flacon which immediately captures your attention. Its clear glass shows a goldish fluid and is embellished by a dominant cap and a metal applicator. The box which protects it from damage looks elegant and straightforward. Its complex concept evokes romantic times long gone.

    Mitsouko belongs among the perfumes whose ingredients develop gradually. Its head is formed by fresh citruses, strong bergamot, elegant jasmine, and sweet rose. Their harmony is not too strong or sweet, but special or rather delicate. Its heart is composed by lovely lilac, youthful peach, and juicy ylang-ylang, and it slowly merges with its warm, woody base. It's dominated by distinctive spices led by cinnamon and complemented by cooling musk, seductive amber, and earthy vetiver. When developed, its compact composition reminds of delicious dried fruits with a bit of delicate spices and woody chords.

    Guerlain is a famous perfume producer which dates a long time back has several times entered the hall of fame of fragrances with its unrepeatable aromas. Let the success and reputation of this famous brand breathe on you; anybody can choose from its extraordinarily wide range of products. Just close your eyes and imagine what kind of fragrance you long for the most. The rich Orient, seductive elegance, or youthful freshness? And how about lovely flowers and disctinctive spices? Anybody with a good taste and style will surely choose.

    How about trying the fragrance of our great-grandmothers? It's been popular with a number of generations and it's likely to be loved for a very long time to come, too. Guerlain Mitsouko is a timeless classic fragrance which is in and will never bore you!

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    Guerlain Mitsouko reviews & ratings

    • 13 September 2017
      Pat Butson

      My favourite perfume too and it's great to find it online so much cheaper than in the shops. Just wish Guerlain would bring out a travel size/bottle as well. It is very bulky to pack in a suitcase.

    • 14 November 2016

      This classic women’s fragrance, designed by the great Jacques Guerlain, was launched in 1919. The fragrance comes from a time when Europe was fascinated with the Far East, and it is said the Jacques Guerlain took his inspiration from La Bataille, a novel by Claude Farrére, in which Mitsouko, a beautiful Japanese woman and wife of General Togo, is secretly in love with a British officer embroiled in the 1905 war between Russia and Japan; Mitsouko awaits the outcome with dignity, stoically suppressing her feelings of longing. This chypre gains a lot of its character from the strong, almost challenging oak moss note, but is given a touch of orientalism with cinnamon and spices, along with floral notes of rose, jasmine and ylang ylang. It is the addition of a then original peach note that gives Mitousko further depth and character, and this fragrance continues to develop and evolve over the hours of wearing. This notes list doesn’t really do justice to the complexity and beauty of this fragrance, which is one of the great masterpieces of perfumery.

    • 01 January 2016
      Pat Shenton

      At last, my favourite perfume at a bargain price. I have worn this perfume for 40 years and was delighted to find this site.

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