Guess Night Eau de Toilette for Men

      Brand: Guess

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      Top notes

      Grapefruit, Elemi, Pepper

      Middle notes

      Geranium, Cedar, Vetiver

      Base notes

      Vanilla, Labdanum, Patchouli

      Guess Night eau de toilette is an inseparable part of any modern man. An elegant and fresh fragrance thanks to which you draw new energy for life and be admired by a lot of women around you. A sensual fragrance to complement your manly beauty, inspired by electronic and wild music. Experience the atmosphere of night clubs.

      Express your natural manliness and freedom through the flavors of resine, pelargonium, and vanilla. Reveal your secrets of passionate nights and find your natural self-confidence and passion. Guess Night will take care of everything and will also be an excellent aphrodisiac for the women around you.

      This eau de toilette for men is dressed in a blueish veil as a symbol of mysteriousness. A cooling night kiss to inspire you and provide an electrifying experience. Guess Night is a symbol of self-confidence, naturalness, and of all the dreams of seducing sensual women come true.

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