Hair Growth Serum

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Worried about your thinning hair? Restore its thickness and speed up new growth!

The right hair growth serum will give you back the joy of having healthy and thick hair everyone will admire. Promote new hair growth with the right hair care from trusted brands such as Kérastase, Wella Proffessionals, and many others.

Some of the most effective hair-growth promoting ingredients:

  • Caffeine: stimulates growth in hair follicles
  • Keratin: strengthens the hair shaft
  • Brazilian ginseng: promotes hair growth

How to use a hair growth serum?

Serum is usually applied to the scalp and massaged in without rinsing. Before using a serum, read the instructions carefully. Every serum acts in a slightly different way and only the correct application can ensure the best results.

Long-term regular use of hair growth serums can reduce you hair loss and help you stimulate new hair to grow. Use the hair growth serum along with other hair growth products and dazzle everyone with your gorgeous hair!