Helena Rubinstein All Mascaras Eye Makeup Remover

  • Helena Rubinstein All  Mascaras Eye Makeup Remover

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    • Helena Rubinstein All  Mascaras Eye Makeup Remover  125 mlEye Makeup Remover 

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    Why use three bottles when you can use one cotton pad with Helena Rubinstein All Mascaras Make-Up Remover. The special emulsion is like a little Aladdin in one bottle. It won't take up any space and it will manage to remove different kinds of cosmetics. It instantly wipes away all traces of make-up.

    Try any mascara you like. Dramatic mascara when going to the theatre, lengthening mascara for a nude look or waterproof mascara when going out for a swim. A mild complex for tender make-up removal cares for the sensitive eye area. Remove your make-up perfectly and easily. Prevent wrinkles and care for the sensitive skin around your eyes and for your eyelids. There's no need to rinse your face with water after removing your eye make-up.

    The pleasantly scented eye make-up remover is formulated with oil and water, making it easy for you to wash away any decorative layer gently and effectively. The emulsion removes make-up without leaving an oily film and make-up residues. It will leave your skin silky and fresh.

    The make-up remover instantly wipes away all traces of any make-up, not just eye make-up. It works even with long-lasting waterproof mascaras or eyeliners.


    • easily removes waterproof make-up

    • does not leave an oily film

    • refreshes the eye area

    • respects the sensitive eye area


    • Glycerin – moistens, hydrates and refines the skin

    • Cyclopentasiloxane – adds a silky feel to the skin and soothes irritation

    • Geraniol – it is the primary part of rose oil, imparts a flowery scent and refreshes

    Skin type:

    For all skin types, specially formulated for gentle eye area.

    How to use:

    Apply on a cotton pad whenever you need to remove mascara, eyeshadows or eyelines. Shake gently before using.

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