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Heliocare360° Pediatrics Mineral Sunscreen Fluid SPF 50+

Heliocare 360° Pediatrics Mineral Sunscreen Fluid SPF 50+
Heliocare 360° Pediatrics Mineral Sunscreen Fluid SPF 50+
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Friday 28/01/2022
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Friday 28/01/2022

The Heliocare 360° Pediatrics protective sunscreen is a vital part of skin care when going out into the sun.


  • mineral UV filters – remain on the skin’s surface and reflect the sun’s rays
  • is gentle on children’s delicate skin
  • moisturises children’s skin
  • strengthens the protective barrier of the skin
  • for use on the face and body
  • the product is waterproof


  • a hypoallergenic product

How to use:
Shake well before use. Apply the product around 20 minutes before exposing skin to the sun. Repeat as necessary, especially after swimming or drying with a towel or in the event of excessive perspiration. Do not expose small children to direct sunlight.

Important warnings

Apply the sunscreen product before exposure. Re-apply frequently to maintain protection, especially after perspiring, swimming or towelling. Keep babies and young children out of direct sunlight. Avoid contact with eyes.
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Skin type
sensitive, atopic dermatitis
very high protection (SPF 50+)

A new take on sun care, Heliocare beauty represents a new era of photo-protection in the world of skin care. Their patented Fernblock® technology is exceptionally effective thanks to a natural extract from the Polypodium Leucotomos Central-American tropical fern.

The effectiveness of Fernblock® has been proven by clinical studies and the strong combination of natural antioxidants protects your skin not only from the damage caused by UV rays, but also from hyperpigmentation and premature skin ageing. This is why the brand is favoured by dermatologists around the world. Heliocare sun care products also contain both mineral and chemical filters to offer your skin maximum protection.

These hypoallergenic products with their lovely textures that are so easy to use and don’t clog your pores will give you many reasons to believe that Heliocare skin care simply works.