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Help Ukraine

The war in Ukraine is a humanitarian tragedy, and we here at Notino sympathise deeply with all those who are affected by it. This war is having a monumental impact on the lives of millions of people, and we are not indifferent to it. We are, and will be, doing our utmost to help and to alleviate its impact even a little bit. 

How we are helping

  • We launched a campaign in aid of UNICEF Czech Republic which involved our customers. For almost two months, customers added 50p to their shopping basket in 26 European countries. We promised to double any contribution and donate 100% of the funds raised to help children and families affected by the war in Ukraine. Customers sent over 205,000 donations to this campaign and together we have managed to raise £188,217, which will be used by UNICEF Czech Republic for targeted aid directly in Ukraine.
  • “There’s a Czech saying, ‘Help given quickly is twice as effective’ – this is doubly true in crisis situations. We truly appreciate Notino’s aid for the children affected by the conflict in Ukraine. Involving their clients and doubling the amount raised is a beautiful way of enabling everyone who sympathises with those in need to help, even from afar. It is an extremely special and valuable partnership for us with a Czech company that, like UNICEF, operates internationally. Thanks to the money raised, we can provide drinking water, food, warm blankets, shelter and protection to the children who need it most right now. Thank you,” said Pavla Gomba, Executive Director of UNICEF in the Czech Republic 
  • We sent material aid worth 250,000 euros immediately.
  • We immediately delivered over 500,000 products in material aid to the key locations. Baby food, nappies, basic hygiene items and packing materials are where they are needed: at the Ukrainian-Slovak border or in hospitals and centres in Ukraine itself. 
  • We then organised dozens of other deliveries of material aid (more than 250,000 products), both to the border and to Ukraine itself.

We don't stop there

  • The war has also affected our Ukrainian colleagues. We have provided them support according to their individual needs and arranged accommodation for their families. We are in contact with all of them and are working with them and their relatives on relocation or possible forms of individual assistance.
  • We are providing transport from the border with Ukraine. The first cars left over the weekend of 26 and 27 February, when we also sent out the first vans with humanitarian aid.
  • We have helped dozens of families with accommodation and providing for their basic needs. And we continue to help them.
  • We have set up a transparent account to help our colleagues, to which all our employees can contribute. Notino triples every single contribution.
  • We are preparing more material aid. We are continuing to monitor the situation and are preparing the next batch of support in collaboration with Ukrainian consulate and NGOs. 
  • We are helping local organisations in the Czech Republic that are providing accommodation and security for all those in need.

We are proud to stand together with Ukraine in this difficult time. Thank you for helping together with us.