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Hipp Babysanft Ultra Sensitive moist toilet tissue
Hipp Babysanft Ultra Sensitive moist toilet tissue
ConsistencyCleansing Wipes
Skin typesensitive, atopic dermatitis

Make sure you enjoy every moment together, even if your child might get a little dirty. All dirt and stains can be quickly and easily, yet sensitively dealt with thanks to Hipp Babysanft Ultra Sensitive wipes. Children’s sensitive skin will be cleaned simply and reliably, while gently caring for it and preventing dryness and irritation. The wipes are always handy to refresh you instantly and ensure care and hygiene both at home and when travelling.


  • looks after and cleanses children’s skin
  • also suited to sensitive or allergy-prone skin
  • softens children’s skin
  • has a soft surface

How to use:
Clean your child’s skin gently with the wipe. Use as needed.

HippBabysanft Ultra Sensitive moist toilet tissue

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