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Menstrual cups for more comfort during your period

A menstrual cup or a period cup is a feminine hygiene product made of a very durable material and shaped a little like a bell. You simply insert the cup in your vagina where it stays perfectly in place thanks to suction and collects menstrual blood without any leakage. You can alternate your menstrual cup with tampons or sanitary pads, or use it repeatedly throughout your period.

Benefits of a menstrual cup

  • It can be used repeatedly and last you for 5 to 10 years, saving both your money and the environment.
  • It’s comfortable and adjusts to your body.
  • It holds more liquid than a tampon or a pad, which means you don’t need to change it so often.
  • It’s completely odour-free and doesn’t contain any chemical that might disturb the natural vaginal microflora.
  • It doesn’t absorb water while you’re bathing.
  • Once you learn how to insert it correctly, it’s very easy to use.
  • There are menstrual cups for women who have not had sex yet but are using tampons, for young girls, and for women in general.
  • There is no risk of a rash or dryness of the mucous membranes. Menstrual cups are suitable even for women with very sensitive skin prone to fungal infections.
  • You can always keep it handy and ready for use.

How to find the best menstrual cup?

When choosing the right menstrual cup, pay attention to size, firmness and material. Menstrual cups come in various beautiful colours, often along with sterilising cups or cotton storage pouches – so everyone can find one that suits their particular needs.

How to pick the right size of menstrual cup?

Period cups come in two or three different sizes, depending on the manufacturer. This means you can find the cup that fits your body perfectly. The right size (circumference) of menstrual cup depends on the size of the tampons you use, how strong your period normally is, and on the condition of your pelvic floor.

  • Size 1 or S/M – a smaller cup suitable for women and girls under 28 who have not given birth vaginally and usually experience a mild or slightly heavy flow.
  • Size 2 or L/XL – a larger cup suitable for women who have given birth and women over 28 years of age who experience heavier periods, or whose pelvic floor is not very strong.

Materials of menstrual cups

Menstrual cups are made of materials which don’t promote the propagation of bacteria, they’re easy to clean and can look brand new for years. The firmness of the material is expressed in the so-called “shore” value – the lower the number, the softer the material. In general, firmer cups are good mostly for physically active people with a strong pelvic floor. Menstrual cups are commonly made of:

  • medical-grade silicone
  • latex
  • thermoplastic

How to insert your menstrual cup?

Menstrual cup use takes a bit of practice, but it’s a skill you can easily learn with a few tries and some initial patience. So how exactly are you supposed to use the cup?

  • The cup is inserted by hand directly into the vagina where it adheres to the mucous membrane through suction, preventing leakage.
  • Depending on the intensity of your flow, pull the cup out by the stem after 4 to 12 hours, pour out the liquid, rinse the cup thoroughly under running water, and re-insert it.
  • If the cup doesn’t glide in smoothly, use a bit of water or water-based personal lubricant.
  • The stem at the bottom of the cup can be trimmed as needed for maximum comfort.
  • Every individual type of menstrual cup comes with its own precise instructions for insertion.

Our tip: It is very important to maintain a good intimate hygiene during your period. Try gentle intimate washes or intimate wipes you can use discreetly throughout the day while you’re not home to keep feeling clean and fresh.

How to clean your menstrual cup?

During your period, you simply rinse your cup out thoroughly every time you remove it. Before and after your period, sterilise the cup by boiling it for 5 minutes and store it in a cotton pouch or a special storage box. You can also sterilise your cup with special sterilising tablets designed for menstrual cups.

Our tip: If you’re worried about cleaning your menstrual cup when out and about, make sure to always carry a bottle of clean water so you don’t have to look for a bathroom.

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