Indulona Original Nutritive Cream For Hands

  • Indulona Original Nutritive Cream For Hands

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    • Indulona Original Nutritive Cream For Hands  85 mlNutritive Cream For Hands 

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    Description of the product Indulona Original



    Cosmetic quality






    All Skin Types


    Regenerating, protective and greasing hand cream, suitable for everyday care of dry and chapped skin. Improves skin’s elasticity, firmness and natural suppleness and helps preserve skin’s natural sebum layer. Does not contain any preservatives or allergens. High content of natural petroleum jelly makes it an ideal cream for sensitive or allergic skin, as well. Dermatologically tested. Recommended by dermatologists.

    Type of skin:

    For treatment of very dry skin and skin protection before and after working with irritants.


    Apply an adequate layer of cream onto the clean skin, rub in well and let absorb. Treatment should be repeated several times a day.

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    Indulona Original reviews & ratings

    • 28 June 2017
      Madeleine Togher

      This is the best creme i have used. I have been using since 80's when I bought in holiday in former Czechoslovakia.

    • 28 June 2017
      Madeleine Togher

      I have been using this creme since the 80's. I can't find another creme as good as this one. It has a lovely smell. It is better than Nivea or Vaseline and smooths skin really well.

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