InebryaKeratin Revitalizing Mask With Keratin

Inebrya Keratin Revitalizing Mask With Keratin
Inebrya Keratin Revitalizing Mask With Keratin
500 ml
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Description Inebrya Keratin

The Inebrya Keratin hair mask is an essential step in your hair care ritual. Give it a moment to regenerate and it will repay you with vitality and beauty.


  • regenerates the hair along its entire length
  • gives hair a brilliant shine
  • improves the elasticity of hair fibres
  • restores hair’s natural, healthy appearance
  • strengthens the hair fibre
  • restores hair structure

How to use:
Wash with shampoo, then apply to damp hair. Leave to act as instructed on the packaging, then rinse thoroughly.


Hair type
all hair types
Definition and texture, hair smoothening
Scalp skin type
all scalp types

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