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Janeke Superbrush large paddle brush for hair
Janeke Superbrush large paddle brush for hair

Style your hair with an Italian brush with 180 years of tradition. Designed uniquely for a quick blow-dry, the Janeke Superbrush with patented beehive ventilation enables air to hit both sides of your hair and decreases drying time. The vented brush is crafted to make blow-drying faster, volumize hair, and build texture for the perfect hairstyles from the beginning.


  • blow-dries, detangles, styles 
  • maximizes warmth during blow-drying and dries hair faster
  • creates maximum volume from the roots
  • perfect for detangling and distributing products
  • detangles wet or dry hair 
  • bristles with antistatic properties 
  • helps get glossier and healthier hair while preventing breakage and split ends
  • durable brush that will last you for years
  • suitable for all hair types


  • carbon 
  • nylon bristles

JanekeSuperbrush large paddle brush for hair

20,3 x 8,5 x 3,1 cm
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