Jesus Del Pozo Duende Eau de Toilette for Women

  • Jesus Del Pozo Duende Eau de Toilette for Women

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    Description of the perfume Jesus Del Pozo Duende


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    Overall impression


    Top notes

    Tangerine, Bergamot, Coriander

    Middle notes

    Jasmine, Rose, Hyacinth

    Base notes

    Cedar, Mahogany, Sandalwood, Vetiver

    Jesus Del Pozo Duende is a delicate floral fragrance. It is very light and pleasant. It can refresh. It is ideal to wear in warm spring days. However, it can show its tender beauty in hot summer days as well.

    The top notes of Duende are unbelievably fresh and cooling. They consist of citrus fruit, bergamot, tangerine and grapefruit. A coriander essence that gives a very delicate impression balances the cooling effect. The heart of the essence is dominated by beautiful flowers, especially elegant rose, mysterious jasmine and hyacinth. This fruity-floral composition is based on a deep and sensual base consisting of mahogany, sandalwood and cedar. The base notes of the perfume tend to smooth its floral heart, soften the freshness of the fruit.

    The fragrance is described as rather watery, fresh and discreet. It will envelop the woman who wears it like a fine veil. It is intimate and pleasant to wear. Duende Eau de Toilette is very light and gentle. Its floral part is distinctively feminine and elegant. The woody base gives and irresistibly sensual and seductive impression. However, it is natural seduction that every woman has in her.

    Duende Eau de Toilette is an ideal essence for every woman who expects a fragrance to merge with her. It will be appreciated by every woman who wants to feel light and fresh at any circumstances, wants to be discreetly beautiful, naturally seductive and therefore unforgettable.

    Duende is well-suited for day wear. It is ideal for almost any opportunity. It puts you in a good mood at work or when doing household chores. It will make you feel good also in your free time, on a walk or when having a great time with your friends.

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