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Jungle Way Peruvian Palo Santo frankincense
Jungle Way Peruvian Palo Santo frankincense
CompositionPalo Santo
Character of home fragrancewoody, sweet

Discover the magical power of age-old wood and purify your home and mind. Premium Palo Santo Jungle Way Peruvian Palo Santo sticks bring you the purifying effects of the sacred tree Bursera graveolens. In addition to purification, they also offer a very pleasant fragrance. They are hand-picked and processed by Amazonian indigenous tribes from only the fallen branches of the tree, and with their use you are not supporting the plundering or cutting down of this endangered forest. Fumigating with these sticks according to alternative trends removes negative energy, harmonises the spirit and strengthens creative thinking and intuition.


  • helps to purify the mind and space
  • according to alternative trends removes any negative energy
  • harmonises the spirit through fragrance
  • enhances creative thinking and intuition
  • leaves a sweet, delicate woody fragrance 
  • effectively repels mosquitoes


  • premium Palo Santo 

How to use:
Light a stick of Jungle Way Peruvian Palo Santo at one end and allow it to burn for a few seconds. Then blow out the flame and allow the wood to smoulder. Walk around the room with a smouldering stick to cleanse the space of any negative energy. Enjoy the pleasant fragrance and harmonising effects of this sacred wood. Use with care and do not let it burn or smoulder unattended. Use heat-resistant mats and materials.

Jungle WayPeruvian Palo Santo frankincense

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