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Jungle Way Lavender Garden gift set
Jungle Way Lavender Garden gift set
CompositionLavender, Sage, Frankincense
Type of setGift Set
Character of home fragranceherbal, oriental

Gift set with incense – lavender garden

Bring the magic of a lavender garden into your home or workspace. The Jungle Way Lavender Garden gift set offers an irresistible combination of scents that will enchant even the most demanding aromatherapy lovers. The Jungle Way gift set features lavender incense that will scent your home with lavender, oud wood, sacred incense, white sage and Palo Santo. Get carried away by the natural scents and discover the perfect harmony that this set offers.


  • scent your home and workplace
  • creates a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere
  • combines natural ingredients with exclusive fragrances
  • suitable as a gift for aromatherapy lovers
  • brings feelings of calm and harmony

Package contents: 

  • 10 incense sticks Palo Santo & lavender – cleanse and harmonise the space
  • exclusive burning blend lavender frankincense Oud Bakhoor 20 g
  • white sage & lavender bundle – cleanses and refreshes the room

How to use:
Light the Palo Santo & Lavender incense sticks and let them smoulder to release their fragrance. Place the exclusive Lavender Frankincense Oud Bakhoor blend in a charcoal incense burner and let it smoulder to release all the fragrance components. Light a bundle of white sage & lavender and let it smoulder to cleanse and freshen the area. Always observe safety precautions and use the incense in a safe place under your supervision.

Jungle WayLavender Garden gift set

1 pc

5 available | £48.80 / 1 pc, incl. VAT | Code: JGW00291

Wite Sage & Lavender incense 10 cm + Palo Santo Lavender incense sticks 10 pc + Lavender Frankincense Oud Bakhoor incense 20 g

Wednesday 31/07/2024
In-store collection
Wednesday 31/07/2024