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Jungle Way Virgin Forest incense
Jungle Way Virgin Forest incense
Jungle Way Virgin Forest incense
Character of home fragrancewoody, oriental

Enter a world of intoxicating scents and discover the magic of burning incense. Jungle Way Virgin Forest Oud Bakhoor burning blend is hand blended in the heart of Oman and contains the rarest agarwood from Saudi Arabia, heavily infused with luxurious Omani perfumes. Let your home be filled with the pristine scent of nature, which will enchant you with its strong aphrodisiac power. This burning blend is for those looking for an authentic experience and exceptional quality.


  • fills the room with a strong and earthy aroma
  • with notes of agarwood, cashmere wood and cedar
  • with a hint of bergamot and lily of the valley
  • offers up to 7 burning sessions from one pack
  • creates aphrodisiac atmosphere


  • premium agarwood – provides a strong and earthy aroma
  • cashmere wood – adds softness and depth to the fragrance
  • atlas – brings spicy notes
  • bergamot – adds a fresh and citrusy touch
  • lily of the valley – brings subtle floral accents to the fragrance

How to use:
Place a small amount of Jungle Way Virgin Forest Oud Bakhoor blend on embers or in a special incense burner. Always ensure safety and do not leave the incense burner unattended. Let the mixture smoulder slowly to release the aroma.

Jungle WayVirgin Forest incense

20 g

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