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Jungle Way White Sage incense I.
Jungle Way White Sage incense I.
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Cleanse yourself and the space around you. The Jungle Way White Sage fumigation bundle offers not only a pleasant spicy fragrance with a slightly sweet note, but also powerful cleansing effects. Jungle Way's premium white sage is grown and hand-tied in California, and California white sage is considered to be of the highest quality on the market. Discover the secrets of the sacred rituals of Native American tribes and purify your physical space and mind.


  • used for purification 
  • purifies a space, objects and beings
  • eliminates negative energy
  • opens and harmonises the spirit


  • white sage (Salvia apiana) - removes negative energy and tension
  • bundle length 18 cm

How to use:
Light the end of the Jungle Way White Sage fumigation bundle and allow the flame to smoulder. Slowly move the smouldering sage around the area you wish to purify so that the smoke reaches all corners. For optimal effects, perform this cleansing ritual regularly, especially in times of stress or illness. Always be sure to air out thoroughly.

Jungle WayWhite Sage incense I.

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