Katy Perry Meow Eau de Parfum for Women

Katy Perry Meow Eau de Parfum for Women
Katy Perry Meow Eau de Parfum for Women
100 ml

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Fragrance description Katy Perry Meow

Katy Perry Meow is an intimate, satin, honey and vanilla fragrance. Tenderly smooth with sweetish fresh tones of flowers, it is ideal for year-round use. In colder periods it softly caresses and hugs you, while thanks to its sweetish accents it smells lovely in spring and summer. It's the second fragrance by singer Katy Perry, as her first was launched in 2011.

Meow fragrance is inspired by cat beauty and cuddly nature; as pleasant, lovely and warm as when you pet a kitty. Perfectly pleasant, making you smile. At the same time, however, this essence is incredibly feminine and sensual, provocative and sophisticated.

And that's exactly the kind of women and girls Meow is designed for. With feline characteristics, yet perfectly humanly beautiful and attractive. This perfume is designed for spontaneous women who enjoy every form of fun. Charming and unforgettable. Provocative and sexy.

Kate Perry wanted to create a fragrance for everyday use to excellently underline any occasion and atmosphere, which is why Meow can be worn by day and night. Ideal for school or shopping, but perfect also for a date or a party.


Top notes - They develop straight after you put the fragrance on. They create the first impression and tend to be quite intense, but not long-lasting.
Top notes
Middle notes - The heart of the fragrance comes out after a couple of minutes when the head of the scent fades away. These notes usually last around 2 to 3 hours.
Middle notes
Base notes - The last and often longest part of the fragrance's evolution on your skin. Takes anywhere from 4 hours to over a day.
Base notes
Fragrance category
fruity, floral

About the brand Katy Perry

p>Katy Perry perfumes | Katy Perry – a fragrance that reflects stardom. The American singer, songwriter, and actress Katheryn Elizabeth ‘Katy’ Hudson, known in show business under the name Katy Perry, is famous for the song ‘I Kissed a Girl’ from 2008 and since then her star has continued to rise. Since 2010, her name has also been associated with perfume.  
Her most brilliant achievements include 11 Grammy Award nominations, voicing Smurfette in ‘The Smurfs’, and the successful 3D autobiographical documentary (Katy Perry: Part of Me).
She launched her first perfume, Purr, in 2010, in collaboration with the company Firmenich. This women’s fragrance has a sweet, fruity scent with tones of peach, jasmine, and coconut, and has an original, stylish bottle in the shape of a lavender cat with eyes that resemble diamonds.
The feline inspiration continues with the very sweet Meow, created in 2011 with the company Givaudan. This perfume also has an attractive cat-shaped bottle. One of the latest scents by Katy Perry is from 2014, and was created in collaboration with Coty. Killer Queen Oh So Sheer is an airy, sweet floral and fruity scent, especially suited to warm days and a good mood. The beautiful bottle is in the shape of a gemstone.
Katy Perry fragrances appeal through their originality and gorgeous bottles. They are as exceptional as the unmistakable, charismatic singer they are named after.

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