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Kneipp Pure Relaxation bath salt
Kneipp Pure Relaxation bath salt
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Have you had a long, hard day? Then treat yourself to a well-deserved rest to forget all your worries. Not only do the Kneipp Pure Relaxation Lemon Balm refreshing bath salts with minerals banish fatigue, they also pleasantly relax your mind and your whole body.

The essential oils of lemon balm and lemongrass help calm you, improve your mood and promote circulation throughout your body.


  • creates a relaxed atmosphere
  • soothes an overactive mind
  • fights off fatigue and all stress
  • pleasantly relaxes the whole body
  • warms up strained muscles
  • improves your circulation
  • dermatologically tested


  • lemon balm – has calming effects, relaxes the mind and has a positive effect on your mental state
  • citronella – improves circulation and helps relieve cramps
  • free of paraffins and mineral oils
  • vegan product

How to apply:
Pour three-quarters of a capful of the oil into running water at a temperature of around 36 to 38 °C. The best time for your bath should be 15 to 20 minutes.

KneippPure Relaxation bath salt

Lemon Balm 500 g

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Wednesday 24/07/2024