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Korres Vetiver Root eau de toilette unisex
Korres Vetiver Root eau de toilette unisex
Korres Vetiver Root eau de toilette unisex
Top notes
Bergamot, Cardamom, Green Tea
Middle notes
Lavender, Cedar Wood, Vetiver
Base notes
Tonka Beans, Amber
Fragrance categoryaromatic

Immerse in complexity and luxury in every spritz

A scent for the ones who love the finest things in life. Korres Vetiver Root eau de toilette unisex blends floral notes of lavender and bergamot with deeper, woody undertones of cedarwood and vetiver root. It also features spicy accords of green tea, cardamom, and tonka bean.

  • a complex scent designed for men and women
  • with floral and woody accords
  • and spicy undertones

Composition of the fragrance:
This scent opens with a bright and invigorating blend of bergamot, cardamom, and green tea, creating a refreshing and slightly spicy citrus burst. At its heart, the fragrance melds the calming essence of lavender with the woody warmth of cedarwood and the earthy depth of vetiver root. It then settles into a rich, comforting base of tonka bean and amber, providing a sweet, warm finish.

KorresVetiver Root eau de toilette unisex

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