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Kringle Candle Fiji wax melt
Kringle Candle Fiji wax melt
Top notes
Kiwi, Tangerine, Lily Of The Valley
Middle notes
Frangipani, Fresh Coconut, Orchid, Pear
Base notes
Amber, Musk, Pineapple, Vanilla
Character of home fragrancefruity, fresh
Type of Waxother
Wax foraroma lamps

The Kringle Candle Fiji aroma lamp wax creates the ultimate fragrance effect in your home. The quick and easy way you can exchange it for a different wax means you can easily choose the exact scent for your mood.


  • a fresh fragrance
  • an airy, clean fragrance
  • a fruity fragrance
  • a summer fragrance

How to use:
Never leave melted wax in the aroma lamp unattended or in the vicinity of easily flammable items. Do not leave the product within the reach of children or pets.

Kringle CandleFiji wax melt

64 g

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