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Lab Series

About Lab Series

 Lab Series offers innovative, effective, top-quality products designed specifically for men’s skin. Now men all over the world can look and feel absolutely wonderful.

The story of Lab Series began back in 1987. Its philosophy is based on the notion that men’s and women’s skin are quite different and have different needs, and that’s why men should use cosmetic products designed specifically for their skin. Lab Series offers solutions rooted in advanced technology, scientific research and years of experience. The brand also pays attention to the way men approach skin care and reflects how they actually want to use their cosmetic products.

The Lab Series portfolio includes everything you need for a comprehensive skincare routine. Try, for instance, Lab Series Instant Filter Moisturizer which evens out your skin tone, Lab Series Multi-Action Face Wash that perfectly clears your pores and removes impurities from your skin, or the lovely Lab Series Shave after-shave balm.

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