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Le Mini Macaron

About Le Mini Macaron

Do you absolutely love gel manicure which gives your nails a gorgeous colour as well as more hardness and a brilliant shine for up to several weeks? Now you don’t have to visit a salon to get that effect. Thanks to Le Mini Macaron, you can create your perfect manicure yourselves, in the comfort of your home, and in mere 15 minutes! Welcome this total revolution in nail care.


Fun and easy – that’s what a manicure should be before all else. Your nails are really the last thing you should have to fuss over. Get the basic Le Mini Macaron gel manicure set, add some colourful gel nail varnishes with colour pigments, and you’ll be looking forward to every time you get to do your nails.

Don’t forget a perfect manicure requires taking care of your hands, too. A simple way to do that and pamper your hands with loving care are the Le Mini Macaron nourishing masks for hands and nails, which were inspired by the sweet French confectionary. Vanilla with almond, tangerine, or maybe pink – which one will be your favourite?

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