Blue Lipstick

Make your Halloween look absolutely perfect with a blue lipstick, or use a dark blue lipstick on your cheeks and in place of eyeshadow. An extravagant blue matte lipstick will be a fantastic choice for a bold evening look. All it takes is a little courage, and you can make any outfit more striking with a touch of blue. However, it looks best on fuller lips and skin without dark under-eye circles or spots, because blue lipstick tends to bring out all the dark areas on your face.

How to Put on a Blue Lipstick

When applying your lipstick, don’t forget to first use a lip primer to make the colour stay on much longer. Outline your lips with a lip liner and then apply the lipstick to keep it from bleeding. carries glossy, matte, and metallic blue lipsticks by NYX Professional Makeup, Dermacol, and other brands. Which shade will be your favourite?

Are you a fan of unusual lipstick colours? A light or dark blue lipstick looks amazing, but how about a purple or black lipstick as well?