Brown Lipstick

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Perfect your day look with a subtle nude brown lipstick, or reach for a more burgundy-brown shade when going out. will help you find the best brown lipstick based on your skin tone, your hair colour, the specific occasion, or your preferred applicator.

Who Can Pull off a Brown Lipstick?

  • Warm brown-red lipsticks look fantastic on people with brown or ginger hair with light, freckly skin. 
  • Dark brown lipstick with purple undertones is perfect for people with black hair and light skin. 

How to Flawlessly Apply a Brown Lipstick?

  • First, use a lip liner in a shade that’s close to your lipstick. 
  • Apply the lipstick, ideally with a brush. 
  • After putting on the first layer, place a paper tissue on your lips and dust them with a translucent powder
  • Finish by applying another layer of lipstick.

How to Achieve the Best Results

When shopping for a brown lipstick, don’t forget that brown shades might make your teeth look more yellow than they really are. Good oral hygiene is a complete must. And if you really want to make your lipstick look perfect, you should also use the right lip care, from a lip scrub to a moisturising lip balm or lip mask.

Trust the quality of glossy and matte brown lipsticks by L’Oréal Paris, Maybelline, or Lancôme and enjoy your flawless new lip look. Is one colour not quite enough for you? In that case, add a classic red or an ever-popular coral lipstick!