Purple Lipstick

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Don’t be afraid to wear a purple lipstick and bring out your lips in this unique way! A purple lipstick will look amazing on people with black hair, green eyes, or those with pale skin. However, there is a purple shade for everyone. Find yours today and enjoy your flawless and unique makeup look. Will you go for lilac, dark purple, or ultraviolet?

Which Shade of Purple Lipstick Should You Choose?

  • Light violet lipstick with a pink undertone and a glossy finish will optically volumise thin lips. 
  • Dark purple lipstick in a matte finish is a fantastic choice for naturally full lips.

If your lips often get dry, you should definitely go for a moisturising purple lipstick. And in case you worry that your lipstick might wear off too fast, find a long-lasting, kiss-proof purple lipstick that will stay on all day. 

Our tip: Go for a matching purple makeup and outfit! Use purple eyeshadow, purple nail varnish, or purple accessories. But don’t forget that less is often more and make sure not to overdo it.

Before You Put on a Purple Lipstick...

You should always start with good lip care. If you’re fond of dark shades of lipstick, especially with matte finish, then lip care becomes even more important. Dark shades can bring out every imperfection in your face or on your lips. Before putting on your lipstick, use a good lip scrub and moisturising lip mask! And don’t forget to put on the lip balm you should always bring with you.

Find a quality lipstick you can rely on! Go with a glossy or matte purple lipstick by Maybelline, L!Oréal Paris, GA-DE, or Lancôme. If you like to alternate between different shades, get also a classic red or an extravagant black lipstick!