Luminum Candle

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The luxurious Luminum Candle edition is made of clean burning materials. Thanks to Unipar technology, the candle‘s wick does not drown in wax.

The candle burns with a high and clear flame without the wax overflowing.

The fragrance is only applied to the surface layer. It is then released naturally, depending on the ambient temperature of the room, even when only unwrapped. The delicate fragrance particles are not overpowering and do not linger in the respiratory system. The subtle fragrance is far from overpowering and serves to augment the atmosphere created by the burning candle.

Luminum Candle’s manufacturing technology and process is reminiscent of hand crafted quality. Together, the premium quality and originality of the product is created. Our production proces seamlessly incorporates and innovates on current fashion market trends.

With Luminum Candle you will enjoy the sensuality and harmony of technology, ingenuity and beauty. Luminum Candle

enhances the atmosphere during dining, relaxation, or intimacy.