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Makeup wipes are a little miracle that should be in every bathroom or handbag. They really can do wonders!

Remove your makeup and enjoy perfectly clean skin that’s ready for more adventures.

Makeup wipes and cleansing wipes

Wet wipes can be used to remove your makeup as well as cleaning and refreshing your skin afterwards. You can use them all year round, or just when you run out of your favourite makeup remover or micellar water. Choose from a wide selection of makeup wipes for normal, dry, and sensitive skin!

A practical makeup-removing product on the go

Are you planning a short holiday and really need to save some space in your luggage? You can leave your usual makeup removers at home and replace them with makeup wipes you can throw away after use.

How to use cleansing wipes?

Remove a makeup wipe from the packaging and use it to gently wipe off all impurities and makeup. Start in the centre of the face and proceed outwards to promote lymphatic circulation and prevent new wrinkles. After you’ve removed your makeup, don’t forget to close the packaging properly so your makeup wipes don’t dry out.