Black Nail Varnish

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Miss Dangerous? Madame Mystery? Or simply an elegant lady? A black nail varnish will present your true self better than a thousand words.

They say that black nails are favoured by rebellious, mysterious and independent women with the soul of an artist. They have a strong intuition, they instantly spot a liar and know you better than you know yourself. Does this sound like you? Then you should definitely try a black nail varnish.

Which Occasions Call for Black Nails?

Black colour is considered to be a good, universal fit for any occasion – both in fashion and manicure. So don’t be afraid to try black nails, whether you’re headed to a date, an office party or a soirée with your friends. These nails will make you instantly unforgettable! has selected the best quick-dry, long-lasting, gel and even shimmery nail varnishes in black colour.