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Mancera Midnight Gold eau de parfum unisex
Mancera Midnight Gold eau de parfum unisex
Mancera Midnight Gold eau de parfum unisex
Top notes
Tangerine, Lime, Neroli, Cardamom, Rosemary, Black Pepper
Middle notes
Turkish Rose, Cedar, Patchouli Leaves
Base notes
White Musk, Amber, Agar Wood, Oakmoss
Fragrance categorycitrus, woody

With each whiff, this fragrance enchants the senses and transports you to a world of captivating beauty and elegance, making it a truly unforgettable experience. Midnight Gold is a true masterpiece that embodies the allure of a magical encounter, where the luminous and fascinating notes weave a tale of intrigue and sophistication.

  • floral woody musk fragrance for women and men
  • perfect for any occasion 
  • launched in 2017

Composition of the fragrance
The fragrance gracefully unfolds with a beguiling dance of aromatic and solar notes in the head, where the warmth of cardamom, the herbal essence of rosemary, the vibrant touch of mandarin and lime, the delicate sweetness of neroli, and the fiery allure of black pepper create a dazzling and invigorating opening. As the scent journey continues, the heart notes reveal a fresh and verdant symphony, with the essence of patchouli leaves, the woody embrace of cedar, and the captivating allure of Turkish rose. The fragrance settles gently on a woody foundation, where the richness of intense amber, the earthy allure of oakmoss, and the majestic essence of Nepalese oud create a spellbinding and enduring base.

ManceraMidnight Gold eau de parfum unisex

120 ml

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