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Mancera Roses Greedy eau de parfum unisex
Mancera Roses Greedy eau de parfum unisex
Mancera Roses Greedy eau de parfum unisex
CompositionCitrus Fruit, Labdanum, Agar Wood, Musk
Fragrance categoryfruity, floral

Are you searching for a refined fragrance suitable for both festive occasions and ordinary days? The sophisticated and sexy Mancera Roses Greedy Eau de Parfum won’t let you down. Hidden inside it are floral accords, juicy fruit and a touch of romance.

  • an elegant and classic fragrance
  • a unisex fragrance for both men and women
  • an intensive fragrance that radiates out into the open 

Composition of the fragrance
Rich notes of jasmine and rose create the impression of the silky texture of petals. Playfulness is added by sweet pear, lightened by tangerine and green leaves. Oakmoss and patchouli give the fragrance a classic and elegant chypre character, and cedar with white musk will keep you company until late at night. Roses Greedy is a fragrance that you’ll want to wear pearls with. 

The story of the fragrance
Roses Greedy is by the French brand Mancera, which makes its perfumes from precious and luxurious ingredients. Mancera is inspired by the style of Art Deco, which is reflected in the fragrance’s original flacon. Like all Mancera’s fragrances, the Mancera Roses Greedy Eau de Parfum was created with the aim of pleasing lovers of perfume by combining the best from the western and oriental styles.  

ManceraRoses Greedy eau de parfum unisex

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