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Mancera Saharian Wind eau de parfum unisex
Mancera Saharian Wind eau de parfum unisex
Mancera Saharian Wind eau de parfum unisex
Top notes
Leather, Spices, Bergamot, Pink Pepper
Middle notes
Cypress, Lavender, Lily Of The Valley
Base notes
Woody Notes, Amber, Tobacco, Vanilla, Patchouli, White Musk
Fragrance categoryaromatic, leather, woody

Like a cherished memory, the fragrance evokes the sensation of a warm breath, swirling velvety dust, and sun-kissed skin, igniting a vibrant and exhilarating solo adventure. Enchanting and radiant, Mancera Saharian Wind eau de parfum is a testament to the audacious spirit of creation, crafted with love and boundless audacity.

  • amber floral scent 
  • perfect for everyday wear during warmer days 
  • launched in 2020

Composition of the fragrance
The scent begins with the captivating allure of leather, the invigorating zest of bergamot, the tantalizing spice of pink pepper, and an intricate array of spices, creating an enticing and aromatic introduction. After a couple of minutes, the delicate Lily of the Valley, the verdant essence of cypress, and the soothing embrace of lavender intertwine, evoking a sense of tranquility amidst the desert winds. As the fragrance settles, the base notes reveal the grounding presence of patchouli leaves, an interplay of woody notes, the warm and smoky essence of tobacco, the comforting embrace of vanilla, the sensual allure of amber, and the lingering touch of white musk.

ManceraSaharian Wind eau de parfum unisex

120 ml

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