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Mancera So Blue eau de parfum unisex
Mancera So Blue eau de parfum unisex
Mancera So Blue eau de parfum unisex
Top notes
Lemon, Bergamot, Tangerine, Fruity Notes, Pepper
Middle notes
Rose, Violet, Sea Notes, Patchouli
Base notes
Amber, Lichen, Musk, Sandalwood, Vanilla
Fragrance categoryoriental, floral

Maximise your carefree summer experiences and remember them during the long winter. The refreshing Mancera So Blue Eau de Parfum captures the atmosphere of summer in the form of citrus notes with seawater accords. Delicious vanilla and sunny amber take care of a warming effect.

  • a fresh and clean fragrance with watery notes
  • a unisex fragrance for both women and men
  • suitable for everyday use

Composition of the fragrance
The fireworks of opening citrus and black pepper are soon tamed by the duo of rose and violet, which, together with a hint of salty sea water, create a light, summery atmosphere. Sunny amber and vanilla blend into a body accord of white musk and oakmoss. Eventually, a trace is left on the skin that is reminiscent of drying drops of seawater. So Blue is the scent of summer experiences you’ll want to keep remembering.

Story of the fragrance
So Blue is an oriental floral fragrance for women and men from the limited Blue Collection by the French niche perfume brand Mancera. Mancera perfumes are made with rare and luxurious ingredients and are inspired by Art Deco. The Mancera So Blue Eau de Parfum was created, like the brand’s other scents, with the aim of delighting lovers of perfumes by combining the best of western and oriental styles.

ManceraSo Blue eau de parfum unisex

120 ml

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