Max Factor Creme Bronzer Bronzer

Max Factor Creme Bronzer Bronzer
Max Factor Creme Bronzer Bronzer
Shade 10 Bronze 3 g

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Description Max Factor Creme Bronzer

Max Factor Creme Bronzer is a baked bronzing product with mineral pigments for a natural sun-kissed look all year round. Its creamy texture goes on smoothly and can be easily layered.


  • gives the skin a glowing and natural sun-kissed appearance
  • easy to apply and layer
  • blends into your foundation


  • fine mineral pigments – instantly brighten up your skin

How to apply:
Apply the bronzer using a wide brush and blend it out.

About the brand Max Factor

Max Factor beauty is one of the biggest legends in the world of makeup. The brand traces its history back to the beginning of the 20th century and their advertising slogan “The Makeup of Makeup Artists” reflects the Golden Age of Hollywood when the Max Factor brand was closely connected to the art and glamour of cinema.

Max Factor himself was a visionary makeup artist of Polish descent who moved to Los Angeles in 1914 to be closer to the budding film industry. Here he opened his makeup shop and soon gained a wide clientele among actors who were coming in for advice and other makeup artists waiting expectantly for every new product. But Max Factor believed that the magic of makeup should be accessible to everyone and for the first time in history started selling his product outside the industry.

More than 100 years of history have brought a number of iconic Max Factor products. Some of the very first ones were a special Max Factor foundation for screen actors or a golden dust for hair. In more recent years, the brand has been mostly known for their Max Factor 2000 Calorie mascara and the long-lasting Max Factor Lipfinity lipstick.

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