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MEDIBLANC SOLE TUFT single-tuft toothbrush
MEDIBLANC SOLE TUFT single-tuft toothbrush

For a healthy and beautiful smile

The MEDIBLANC SOLE TUFT single-strand toothbrush takes perfect care of every tooth thanks to its round cut and extremely fine and dense bristles. It is ideal for cleaning along the gum line as it minimises the risk of damage to the gums.  

It's also great for cleaning hard-to-reach areas and newly erupting wisdom teeth or baby teeth - massaging with the brush will relieve pain. It also gently cleans implants and teeth with braces attached.  

  • short, extra soft bristles gently clean each individual tooth  
  • removes dirt and plaque from the teeth 
  • reaches even the most hard-to-reach places 
  • relieves pain during the growth of teeth and facilitates their eruption 
  • ideal for cleaning implants, teeth with braces, back molars 

How to use:
For perfect plaque removal along the gum line, hold the brush at a 45° angle and gently move it back and forth. Then clean the molar surface from all sides in a circular motion. To massage newly growing teeth, gently brush in a 90° circle at the growth point.

MEDIBLANCSOLE TUFT single-tuft toothbrush

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