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Easy and quick shave without irritation? Find the right shaving cream in a tube, in a handy stick or in a pot, and stop worrying about scratches or redness.

Why Use a Shaving Cream?

  • Shaving cream softens your facial hair and prevents friction between the razor and your skin. This protects your skin from irritation and injury.
  • Shaving cream is ideal for wet shaving using a safety razor, shaver or a standard cartridge razor.
  • Creamy shaving products are easy to apply, similar to a shaving foam. They also make the blade glide smoothly across your skin.
  • Many shaving creams double as skin care products with their soothing, nourishing and moisturising effects. This makes them a perfect choice for sensitive or dry skin.

Our tip: Use a wet shaving brush to achieve an even application.

Pre-Shaving Cream

If your facial hair is extra hard or thick, you should also try a special pre-shaving cream. This product softens the hair and prepares your skin for shaving.  As their name suggests, pre-shaving creams are used as the first step of your shaving routine, before your standard shaving product. offers a wide selection of shaving creams by Proraso, American Crew, Weleda and more for sensitive skin or hard facial hair. Don’t forget to also get good after-shave care and use an after-shave balm or lotion.