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Missha Pro-Touch translucent powder SPF 25
Missha Pro-Touch translucent powder SPF 25
Foundation shadetransparent

Radiant and flawless skin in one stroke? The SPF 25 Missha Pro-Touch transparent powder will take care of that. Thanks to the high adhesion of micro particles, it covers all irregularities easily and quickly and leaves the skin smooth, matt and natural-looking. The form of pressed powder is designed to prevent crumbling and reduces dustiness to a minimum.


  • provides high coverage with improved adhesion, giving the skin a natural look
  • minimises uneven skin and other skin imperfections without a heavy feeling
  • mattifies, reduces excessive shine of problematic areas of the face
  • it does not crumble or form dust; thanks to the Pro-Layer Setting System it has a long life 
  • protects the skin against sunlight
  • allows you to regulate the amount of powder that is applied

How to apply:
Apply the Missha Pro-Touch transparent powder using the application sponge supplied with it. Put a small amount of powder on it and apply it evenly to the face – working from the centre of the face towards the edges. To achieve an even result, you need to press the sponge lightly on the curved areas of the face.

MisshaPro-Touch translucent powder SPF 25

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