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Montale Dark Aoud eau de parfum unisex
Montale Dark Aoud eau de parfum unisex
Montale Dark Aoud eau de parfum unisex
CompositionSandalwood, Agar Wood
Fragrance categorywoody

Can you resist an invitation to discover the treasures of the Orient? Certainly not when it comes in the form of a unique fragrance. Montale Dark Aoud unisex Eau de Parfum brings out the dark character of agarwood and pairs it with sandalwood found in the depth of Asian woods to create a truly opulent effect.

  • intense, woody fragrance for women and men
  • complex aroma of agarwood
  • ideal choice for a winter evening

Composition of the fragrance
Agarwood or oud is one of the traditional materials in Middle-Eastern perfumery. Its aroma is very complex and multi-faceted – and this Eau de Parfum reflects its nature. Dark Aoud brings out the woody character of agar with the dry note of sandalwood, resulting in an utterly wearable composition that never glosses over its main protagonists.

Story of the fragrance
If you find yourself drawn to the aroma of oud, Montale Dark Aoud will definitely become the signature fragrance you’ll never want to give up. And why should you? After all, Pierre Montale created it to bring joy to women and men every single day.

MontaleDark Aoud eau de parfum unisex

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Thursday 18/07/2024
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