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Montale Oud Edition eau de parfum unisex
Montale Oud Edition eau de parfum unisex
Montale Oud Edition eau de parfum unisex
CompositionAgar Wood, Oud, Leather, Rose, Sandalwood, Incense, Musk
Fragrance categoryfloral, leather, spicy, woody

This fragrance perfectly balances contrasting elements, creating a harmonious composition that highlights the natural beauty and richness of Montale's signature ingredients. Immerse yourself in the essence of Pierre Montale's first love, the Oud, with timeless Montale Oud Edition eau de parfum.

  • oriental oud fragrance
  • perfect for fall and winter evenings
  • adds a touch of allure to your outfit 

Composition of the fragrance
With its pure and uncomplicated nature, this exquisite fragrance showcases the captivating combination of velvety rose, rich oud, aromatic Incense, supple leather, creamy sandalwood, and a powerful musky accord. Each note intertwines seamlessly, creating a symphony of scents that evokes a profound sense of sacredness and takes you on an enchanting journey to the heart of the Orient.

MontaleOud Edition eau de parfum unisex

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